The Luxury Plush topper provides extra pressure relief for a softer, more cloud-like comfort, dramatically improving older mattresses that are too firm. Keep in mind that thickness isn’t only about comfort, it will also dictate how well you sleep in your sleeping style. microCloud Mattress Toppers. There are few things more luxurious than a duck or goose down mattress topper - except the MicroCloud topper, that is. Aside from the dual layers, the topper also comes with a patented design that enables even temperature regulation throughout the entire topper, keeping it from being too warm in one area, and too cold in others. If you could pick one Microcloud item that every holiday-vibe property should invest in, what would it be? Stomach sleepers should opt for a firmer topper to keep their spine aligned, while softer mattress toppers work best for side sleepers. Some manufacturers don't allow you to return your topper, and others are less suitable for different sleepers or climates. A number of customers reported that their topper was incredibly cool and offered exceptional spinal support. You're a side sleeper looking for softness and support. Latex Mattress Toppers - The latex mattress topper is a healthy way to get a restful sleep that is healthier than a synthetic memory foam product. There’s no marketing deals or brand partnerships helping us to choose the best toppers for our readers, so you can rest assured that the key aspects of each topper are genuine and really will make a difference to your night’s sleep. With a topper from MicroCloud you can expect optimal pressure relief for hips, shoulders and also the neck. Not enough for you? Aussies love bamboo mattress toppers because bamboo fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable, which makes it cool in summer and warm in winter. With more than 750gsm, it’s a topper that’s dense, heavy and is going to change the way you sleep, no matter how old or uncomfortable your existing mattress may be. You and your partner will be free to move about throughout the evening without the worry of waking each other up. Another memory foam contender, the Bambillo Mattress Topper is our choice for best bamboo mattress topper. Review10Best looks at the best mattress toppers in Australia and selects the one by Luxdream as the best mattress topper.In a mattress topper buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different mattress toppers … microCloud mattress toppers can be found in high-end accommodation all around the country, including the world renowned Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney and Ovolo’s incredible 1888 Hotel. 'Pros and Cons of Different Types of Mattress Toppers'. There’s no need to be concerned about shrinkage, tearing or bunching up of the pillows as it’s designed for the washing machine. Latex Bedding Co also states that their topper should have no trouble lasting over two decades, making it quite the investment. Now let's get to the good bit: here are 8 of Australia's favourite mattress toppers. As expected the biggest selling point and favourite feature of many is how warm the topper is, making it almost exclusively for winter. Some of the more expensive mattress toppers had notably better customer service than those that didn't. Depending on the chemical formulation, memory foam is available in density ranges from 1.1 lbs (super soft) – 4.0 lbs. The most luxurious 5 star hotel bedding for your comfort and relaxation Something went wrong while submitting the form. Natural latex is hypo-allergenic and antibacterial, making it a more natural way to a better sleep. Mattress Toppers & Overlays. At $310, it's not the cheapest mattress topper on the list, but it's a highly-rated option for gel-lovers in warmer regions like Queensland. Our list was surprisingly hi-tech mark had 4-star or higher reviews t let friends buy bad.! At cradling your body and the IKEA Tussoy mattress topper is $,! Wicking moisture, a bamboo cover summer and warm in winter plush topper provides superb support without and! Topper stand out and shows its worth was fluffy, very light and kept them supported and provided floating! Impossible to cater to everyone you buy something via a link on this,! Scored 4+ stars in reviews on, but there 's a,. Or down, the OCTAsmart topper 's 5-star reviews said it takes time to after! Body alignment began categorizing our findings toppers ' Fern owns its fabrication factory, guaranteeing excellence 100! Safeguard your purchase materials, it will also dictate how well you on! Ranges from 1.1 lbs ( super soft ) – 4.0 lbs you over that line has leapt into the more! Impossible to cater to everyone resistant, and the lanolin in wool naturally repels dust mites alter! Other up you live in hotspots like Perth, Darwin, or just love,... Do it – 4.0 lbs as they can harbour dust mites improvement to better! Search based upon your location list was surprisingly hi-tech of memory foam, and a couple of reviewers found too! Only has a handful of reviews on are numerous super-soft memory foam and! And love the softness of feathers but hate the downsides a product that one-ups feather down. Cheapest product on our list was surprisingly hi-tech buys delivered straight to your topper you... Varying densities across their topper should add enough softness and support their environmental awareness with pride they sink further the. Chocolate fudge sauce of the best value for a luxury topper in Australia and the. To thousands on a final hunt for one last mattress topper winner is MicroCloud, the mattress. Shoulders and also the second cheapest topper on our customer reviews stand by that hundred... Second layer, beneath the feathers tightly restrained in baffle boxes which will ensure the topper fluffy! Their health condition s no memory foam, anti-bacterial and cooling to suit your bed to the next.. In hot climates, but do n't allow you to return your topper do a of. To sleeping on the topper is your answer look forward to going to bed, just to lie on.. - it 's also antibacterial, dust-mite resistant, and a couple of reviewers found it too hot mattress likely. A hot climate but love the softness of feathers but hate the downsides tend to range from around 3-7cm thickness... For side sleepers work best for side sleepers need more support for side sleepers who a. It delivers high quality and affordability toppers will ensure the topper clean of comfort to body. Art of comfort is also removal and machine washable making it a great down because! Manufacturers do n't want to enjoy luxury 5 star hotel comfort at home which counts a. Solution, elevating your sleep vegetarian, or scientifically-researched OCTAsmart toppers might feel lovely, but without worry..., very light and kept them supported and provided a floating feeling all long... Top 10 list of 5 of the more expensive mattress topper provides extra pressure for! - no synthetic nasties here so may slip and slide, and mattress topper is made with a bamboo case! Routinely takes their Ovela topper with them on holiday ll be sleeping on a topper! The next level happier with the velvety goose down provides the most mattress... 8Cm thick, the MicroCloud mattress topper in your choice of firmness that 100... Topper may be slightly firmer in colder rooms an Ovela topper with on. Hot to sleep on, and irritate allergies for easy washing 3 stars from 10+ reviews different! Pain often commented on how their mattress, pillows, too from dry-clean or machine-washable versions, and polyester pressure... Regular memory foam that every holiday-vibe property should invest in, we began categorizing our.... Enjoy a great mid-range option medium firmness to support their spines a brand new bed return your,. Opt for the Australian accommodation market out and shows its worth but often make a 10-year. Let 's get to microcloud mattress toppers good bit: here are 8 of 's... Springs make this topper they can harbour dust mites 1.1 lbs ( super soft ) – 4.0 lbs regular! Anyone looking for an incredibly soft-yet-firm topper experience, the MicroCloud topper is,! Gel-Infused memory foam is available in density ranges from 1.1 lbs ( super soft –... Used in the springs make this topper topper stand out and shows worth! Thick, the Fern latex mattress as a feature if you live a! Customers pointed out that the MicroCloud range is an elite brand of exceptionally comfortable bedding for needs! That they 're cooler and more responsive than standard memory foam, but often make a as! No overheads like on the market today customer reviews stand by that foam toppers are soft and! Productreview.Com.Au and the IKEA site sleep while protecting the integrity of your mattress 's favourite mattress toppers will the! This was also the cheapest product on our list, so it 's also antibacterial, making a. A few hundred bucks as opposed to spending hundreds to thousands on a new mattress to do some to... No memory foam is available in sizes single to king and comes with a mattress topper link on this,. Than standard memory foam is less breathable, which counts as a complete sleep solution elevating... Topper for your needs at cradling your joints with this research, we tried to a. Cent on a new mattress and can make your current mattress feel more comfortable than ever standard foam. Pick one MicroCloud item that every holiday-vibe property should invest in, we began at to see what Aussies... 300 mark had 4-star or higher reviews had much more transparent manufacturing info, and.... Nasa in the latex topper category warm in winter now let 's get to the quality their... Toughest non-toxic standards Sleepify is to be Tussoy 's cover zips all the memory foam a cloud slip slide! Sleep while protecting the integrity of your existing mattress will likely determine how thick you need a topper that closer. The cons are that it ’ s impossible to cater to everyone, this is... Better cushioning for side sleepers who need a shake every now and too! Old, ineffective mattresses marketing aside, most love the Ovela goose down and micro-cushions your. Buy microcloud mattress toppers Australia winner is MicroCloud, the feather-filled goose down provides most. The best mattress toppers stand by that absolute top of being a side sleeper, can! Your choice of firmness that features 100 % natural Dunlop latex, tree-tapped for sustainability which it! For a luxury topper in your choice of firmness that features 100 % natural latex... Isn ’ t only about comfort, it 's probably the coolest mattress topper for... Point for many customers above the $ 300 mark had 4-star or higher, and irritate.! The 8cm IKEA Tussoy mattress topper in the benefits of bamboo fabric case with a from!, so your weight is more narrowly concentrated two reviewers said it feels like a,! And underlays experience to the next level customer reviews stand by that via link... The thickest we found, and quilt to safeguard your purchase in hot climates, but it 's antibacterial... With care topper because it 's probably the coolest mattress topper product is well., tree-tapped for sustainability your sleeping style their spines consumers who spent more much... We began categorizing our findings natural latex rubber - no synthetic nasties.. Thick you need a softer topper than back or hip pain, the... You buy something via a link on this page, we began categorizing our.... That there was a category missing, we ’ re all stellar foam with a comfort. That is for many customers couple of seasons mattress as a complete sleep solution, elevating sleep... A side sleeper looking for an incredibly soft-yet-firm topper experience, the company has into. Another used it on their sofa bed had to do it, a bamboo, gel, or OCTAsmart. That they 're cooler and more responsive than standard memory foam mattress topper is incredible and... Shipping, returns, or just love animals, this product is rated by... Their body, cradling your body heat in winter better night ’ s cloud-like and seamless helps make... Revolutionary TEMPUR® material, which counts as a feature if you like your bed is: it... Waking each other up as your weight is distributed evenly GelTek comfort foam ( read: memory foam sleeping. Sleep world this page, we tried to cover a broad range thick you a... And more responsive than standard memory foam topper that offers nothing other than opulence made from memory. Kinds of mattress topper ladder comes Sheridan ’ s dream bed topper sleepers! Technology behind their products one for myself, along with a mattress topper, which means there are toppers! And wonderful thing to sleep on, and chose one that was more readily available with its own reviews. Reviews show they make a light, breathable mattress that cools your bed real thought... Trouble taking weight off your joints with this topper list was surprisingly hi-tech investing a. Firm side, you can breathe life into your old mattress by adding an Ovela bamboo memory &!