Stockholm University students use the University card as a library card. Telescope shows If you need to visit us, please send us an email to book an appointment. Master's programmes The Department of Mathematics currently offers three different master's programmes. {{ result.type }}, {{ result.level }}, {{ result.subject }}, {{ result.lang }}, {{ result.pace }}%, {{ result.time }}, {{ result.form }} Stockholm University Library (SUB) has been tracking the University’s open access (OA) publishing costs within the local accounting system since 2016. The original basis for LNU was a random sample of 1/1000 of the Swedish population between 15 and 75 years of age. Join the SU-YF . Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously. Library tours are advertised in the Library; students in the first semester are recommended to attend. Frescati, Stockholm, Sweden. Are You One of our Admitted Students? Stockholm University's International Website For more information about research and studies in Sweden you can always visit Stockholm University's international website. Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously. Information about the coronavirus. Yuto Kitamura has been central for the cooperation between the University of Tokyo and Stockholm University, KTH and Karolinska Institutet. The links to the left give you more information about our various corpora, including Swedish Blog Sentences (2.7 billion tokens), the Stockholm Umeå Corpus (1 million words), SUC-CORE (a 20 000 word subset of SUC with NP coreference annotation), and the Stockholm … Student information The Faculty of Humanities is one of four faculties at Stockholm University and comprises 19 departments and centres. This includes, for instance, abstaining from physical meetings and visiting indoor environments where people gather. Språkstudion at Stockholm University offers many activities and opportunities for international students who want to learn Swedish or other languages. Distance learning from 18 March. For now more than 15 years, over graduates from about 70 countries have enriched their careers and expanded their networks. The programme begins every autumn term and has a duration of four semesters (120 ECTS). Have you been admitted to a course at our department? For the spring semester, Stockholm University is planning to continue to have digital learning. The Shetland Dialect. The Swedish Public Health Agency has today, October 29, changed its recommendations to the general public in Stockholm with regard to the increasing number of cases of Covid-19. The Department of Astronomy at Stockholm University, Stockholm Observatory, is the main institution in Stockholm for research and education within astronomy and astrophysics. Session 2. LNU uses a multidimensional approach, covering individuals’ command over resources in terms of family and social relations, material living conditions (income and wealth), health, education, working conditions, political life, leisure time activities, housing conditions, etc. For the Department of Child and Youth Studies, this means that all teaching will be provided digitally, that is, a web-based online teaching during the first part of the spring semester (period A and B). Attention! There are small rooms for team work, computer and reading places. Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, DSV Stockholm University, DSV, Postbox 7003, SE-164 07 Kista, Sweden | Phone: +46 8 16 20 00 Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously Hosted at Stockholm University on 27-29 Jan 2021, this conference will showcase new and ongoing research in the broad Digital Humanities field. Opening hours: The student affairs office is closed until further notice. Our modern, attractive campus is located in Flemingsberg, 19 minutes from central Stockholm on the commuter train. Read more about Stockholm Public Library's architecture and artwork . DiVA at Stockholm University contains publications produced by the university´s researchers and students. Sveavägen 73 med parkeringsplats på Odengatan 55. Stockholm University has chosen this year’s honorary doctors, all of whom have contributed in distinctive ways to the University’s activities in research and education. Phone hours: Tuesdays 09:00–10:00 Wednesdays 13:00–15:00 Thursdays 09:00–11:00 and 13:00–16:00. They support language studies and language development through media tools and other activities such as a language cafe, a pronunciation choir and a tandem program. The Frescati Library (the main library) is situated a couple of minutes walk from the Geo-Science Building. Department of Human Geography at Stockholm University. Stockholm University offers a number of different study programmes where you have a chance to specialize in mathematics or mathematical statistics. 30 March 2021 Nomination deadline. New book: The Shetland Dialect. Now, a new study by Stockholm University researchers shows a connection between sexual harassment and suicidal behaviour. Information about Covid-19. Postadress. Kulturförvaltningen Stockholms stadsbibliotek 113 80 Stockholm Key Dates Summer Programme. The Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies (Tolk- och översättarinstitutet - TÖI) was founded 1986 at the Stockholm University with a national assignment directly from the government to educate translators and interpreters in order to meet Sweden's needs for translation and interpretation services. Here you will find information about the Department of History, Stockholm University, its faculty and staff, courses offered and current research. Sexual harassment and suicide. Welcome to the Department of Criminology! Among our freestanding courses, students can choose to study full-time or part-time and we offer both day time and evening courses. Södertörn University provides high quality research and education at all levels, offering a friendly atmosphere and an inspiring environment. In that case you will need to register before the semester starts, or you will lose your right to participate. We do open up for visitors in certain cases. The Faculty of Science at Stockholm University is the largest science faculty in Sweden and is among the top hundred science faculties in the world on the Shanghai ranking. Criminology is the scientific study of crime. Scientists at Stockholm University have discovered that water can exhibit a similar behavior like a liquid crystal when illuminated with laser light. It provides education and conducts research in about 50 different subjects. Information on covid-19. Exchange students. To become a member, please send an e-mail with title “New Member SU-YF” to YF@su… Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously. The Stockholm Material Hub, a Stockholm Trio collaboration, is working in collaboration with dentists and clinicians to create the next generation of materials for dental implants. Student affairs office Office: D786. 28 June - 9 July. New book by Peter Sundkvist, Associate Professor at the Department of English. SUMMER PROGRAMME 2021. The site is aimed at visiting students and researchers and will gather all information necessary for academic life in Sweden. To be able to participate in exchange programs such as Erasmus+ or Nordplus, you must be nominated by your own international coordinator at your home university. Stockholm, both the city and the university, is internationally recognised as a leader in the field of arbitration. Handikappanpassad entré. More information and registration. The objective is to gain an overview of the costs and to use this as a basis for decisions about how to proceed in order to support the transition to OA at Stockholm University. 15 April 2021 Application + payment deadline. The core mission of the Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS) is to contribute to a broad and well informed understanding of Turkey and Turkish affairs in academia, civil society, government, and the private sector in Europe as well as the rest of the world. We are located in AlbaNova University Center close to the main Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Technology campuses. This effect originates by the alignment of water molecules, which exhibit a mixture of low- and high-density domains that are more or less prone to alignment. Session 1. The ICAL program has established a global reputation and topped international rankings for specialized LLM programs. New insights into Stone Age cultural and social interaction. Delivery address Roslagsvägen 30B SE-114 19 Stockholm SWEDEN ... SE-106 91 Stockholm, Växel telefon: 08-16 20 00 About this website and cookies; Phone closed July 1–August 9. Postal address Stockholm University AlbaNova University Center Department of Astronomy SE-106 91 Stockholm. We also give a number of courses within programmes available at Stockholm University, such as Teacher Education Programmes. Welcome to the Department of History! Its focus is directed at understanding and explaining various aspects of crime and punishment. 08162346 +468162346. The membership is free of charge and you are more than welcome to join if you are a postdoc, guest researcher, researcher, senior researcher, assistant professor or a young faculty member at Stockholm University. All contact to the student affairs office is referred to or to phone +46 8 16 34 14, Monday and Wednesday at 9:45–12:00 and 12:45–15:00. Street address (for visitors) Roslagstullsbacken 21, Stockholm. Mathias Lindholm and Filip Lindskog receive grant from Länsförsäkringar. The Faculty offers top-class education in a number of programmes and courses, at Master´s level more than 30 study programmes are given in English. Information for students and staff about the coronavirus. The Department of Human Geography welcomes students to on campus teaching during the academic year, provided that … Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously. Master's Programme in Education with International and Comparative specialisation at the Department of Education at Stockholm University. Stockholm University (Swedish: Stockholms universitet) is a public university in Stockholm, Sweden, founded as a college in 1878, with university status since 1960.